The results of this research project are published in international peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences. Abstracts are available here.

  • Lesbian couples' views about and experiences of not being able to choose their sperm donor (pdf)
  • Beyond sperm cells. A qualitative study on constructed meanings of the sperm donor in lesbian families (pdf)
  • Parental (in)equality and the genetic link in lesbian families (pdf)
  • Two mothers and a donor: Exploration of children's family concepts in lesbian households (pdf)
  • Family communication about donor conception: a qualitative study with lesbian parents (pdf)
  • Family communication about the donor conception: A multi-perspective qualitative study with lesbian parents and their children (pdf)

  • The meaning of the sperm donor for heterosexual couples: confirming the position of the father (pdf)

  • Experiences of family relationships among donor-conceived families: A meta-ethnography (pdf)

  • Recipients' views on payment of sperm donors (pdf)